Legal disputes can be costly in terms of money, time and damaged business relationships. If you’re faced with a dispute, we’ll help to minimise any impact and achieve a resolution as swiftly and as cost-effectively as possible.

We’ll give you a realistic assessment of your position and the strength of your case, and explore all options available through mediation, arbitration or court proceedings. To help you keep tabs on budget and time implications, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate of our costs upfront and let you know exactly what input we’ll need from you.

Contract & Commercial Disputes

When a relationship with a supplier or customer goes wrong, good legal advice can help to resolve the dispute or terminate the relationship in the best interests of both parties. 

We’ve helped clients with a wide range of disputes, including contractual disputes over the supply of goods and services, and disputes arising from distribution and agency agreements or licensing and outsourcing agreements. 

Legal advice at an early stage can often prevent things escalating and help to preserve business relationships.

Professional Negligence

We can help you to resolve a situation in which you feel dissatisfied with advice you’ve received from a professional business adviser, such as an accountant, solicitor or surveyor. This may include obtaining recompense for any loss you have suffered as a result of the advice. 

The early involvement of a legal adviser usually helps to focus the issues under dispute and prevent the parties becoming too entrenched in their positions. We can guide you if litigation is needed, but we’ll first look at alternative ways to resolve the situation.   

Property & Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Disputes over commercial premises frequently occur between landlords and tenants, or between neighbours. Issues may relate to leases, rent, repairs, access or boundaries. 

Instructing us at an early stage can help to achieve a swift resolution to what could become a time-consuming and costly dispute.

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

We act for insolvency practitioners in both corporate and individual insolvencies. We have extensive experience in the realisation of property assets, the appointment of administrators and other office holders, antecedent transactions and in dealing with directors of insolvent companies.

Our services also include corporate recovery and the realisation of book debts and assets. 

Partnerships & Shareholder Disputes  

We’ve helped lots of businesses to resolve difficult disputes between shareholders, directors or partners. Litigation is always a last resort, but if it comes to this we provide a one-stop service to ensure that your personal and business interests are protected.

Please get in touch to learn more about our range of services and how we can support your business