From terms and conditions through to manufacturing agreements, properly drafted contracts underpin the day-to day operations of many companies. We can draft a range of commercial contracts for your business, and also advise on any contracts you’re entering into.    

Agency & Distribution Agreements

Whether you are a principal, agent or distributor, we can help with: 

  • implications of the Regulatory & Commercial Agents Regulations 1993
  • competition issues
  • negotiating, drafting and completion of agreements
  • advice to ensure that an agent or distributor complies with the principal’s requirement  

Data Protection & Freedom of Information

If your business processes personal information, we can support you in the increasingly complex field of data protection and freedom of information.

We’ll advise you on data protection risks and provide workable solutions, whether you’re managing the data yourselves or outsourcing to a third party. We can also advise on all aspects of freedom of information and liaison with public authorities.


If you sell goods or services over the internet, we’ll ensure that your business complies with all ecommerce regulations.

As well as ad hoc advice, we offer a fixed-price Ecommerce legal package which ensures full compliance with terms & conditions, cookies, privacy and acceptable use. 


We assist both franchisors and franchisees in establishing agreements that work for both parties. 

For franchisors, we’ll help to ensure that the agreement provides long-term protection for your business, paying particular attention to any restrictive covenants. For franchisees, we’ll ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations under an agreement.     

IT Contracts

If your business provides IT services, we’ll ensure that your supply contracts are properly drafted to protect you against any customer claims for damages. We have extensive experience in standard and bespoke agreements for licences, software development, disaster recovery, reseller and VAR. 

If you’re purchasing IT equipment or services, we’ll ensure that the contract meets your business needs and doesn’t leave you exposed. We can provide standard or bespoke agreements around hardware, software, maintenance & support, ASP, escrow and IT services & consultancy.  




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