Whether you are in or leaving education, returning to work or seeking a change in direction, we could have the opportunity you're looking for. We're always interested in hearing from people with enthusiasm, drive, commercial awareness and commitment to excellence.

All new vacancies will be posted here and also on our LinkedIn page.

All applications will be subject to our applicant and employee data protection fair processing notice, a copy of which can be viewed here.

Available positions

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Common Questions & Answers

What qualities do you look for in applicants?

Obviously we’ll want to be sure that you have the relevant technical skills and qualifications necessary for the particular position we’re looking to recruit for.  Beyond that, we’re looking for the personal skills and adaptability that will see you fitting in with the team in question.  Whenever we recruit someone, we’re trying to find the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle - that person who will fit with the other members of the team, because although we value the individual, we value our teams.

Making first impressions count

  • Ensure your CV is well organised, logical and easily understandable.  Your experience, education and qualifications should be listed in reverse chronological order.

  • Don’t pad out your CV unnecessarily.  Include everything that is relevant, but keep it brief.

  • Keep a clear picture in your mind of the job for which you are applying and the skills you have that most closely match the requirements.

  • Take some time to think about your accomplishments.  Include volunteer activities, jobs, projects, assignments, travel and  team activities.  Identify the personal qualities they brought out in you.

  • Make sure your CV is up-to-date.

  • Do a final check of your CV for spelling mistakes and errors.

How long does it take to let me know if I’ve not been successful in reaching the interview stage?

The amount of time it takes to short-list for interviews can depend on the amount of applications we receive.  On average, we would aim to contact successful applicants and invite you to interview within 2 to 3 weeks of the closing date.

How long does it take to let me know if I’ve been successful at an interview?

Once we have finished interviewing for a particular post, we aim to let you know within 3 working days.