Whilst we always try to ensure that our cost estimates are as accurate as possible, some matters can arise unexpectedly as the conveyancing process progresses. This can mean additional fees for what we term ‘non-standard’ work. If this happens, we will advise you as soon as possible and confirm any extra costs.

Some of the most common examples include:

Additional Fees Cost
Expedited Completion Fee £120.00
VAT Expedited Completion Fee £24.00
Gifted Deposit Fee £50.00
VAT on Gifted Deposit Fee £10.00
Help to Buy Loan Fee £125.00
VAT on Help to Buy Loan Fee £25.00
Help to Buy ISA Fee £50.00
VAT on Help to Buy ISA Fee £10.00
Declaration of Trust Fee from £95.00
VAT on Declaration of Trust Fee £19.00
Unregistered Title Fee £95.00
VAT on Unregistered Title Fee £19.00
Statutory Declaration From £125.00
VAT on Statutory Declaration £25.00

Referral fees

We sometimes pay a fee to business partners who introduce work to us. We are required by the Code of Conduct published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to notify you if such a fee is to be paid. Please note that this is not an extra payment and will be included within any fees quoted. Any advice we give to you will be independent.